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Procedure for Land Subdivision in Kenya

Subdivision is the act of dividing land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop.

This requires control for the following reasons.

  • To ensure that each subplot has adequate access roads, open spaces and social infrastructure.
  • To ensure that the proposed population density can be served by the available services.
  • To ensure planned and coordinated development so as to avoid uncontrolled and scattered developments.
  • To ensure that the Government and respective county governments share the enhanced value that arises out of the subdivision. Pay enhanced ground rent.

Subdivision of agricultural land or forest land below 8 hectares will require approval.


Subdivision procedure:

Submit 5 copies of the proposal to the County Government for approval.

The county government forwards to the National Lands Commission who submit to the director of physical planning and director of survey for their comments and recommendations. After recommendations, the paves way for survey work to begin.

Requirements include:

  • Development density
  • Provision of infrastructure
  • Width of roads.
  • Overall impact on the environment.
  • Surrendering of land for roads and open spaces 20% i.e 10% roads, 10% open spaces.


Government of Kenya 2014. Land planning and development procedures. Ministry of land, housing and urban development.

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