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Location is NOT important.

My career as a land economist involves advising people about where to locate their businesses. While in campus, we were taught that location is the most important factor in the success of real estate. In fact, they taught us to say, “location, location, location” this is a way to emphasis[…]

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Land trade, an exposition of Leviticus 25

Land as a factor of production is a commodity that can be traded. These are the instructions that God gave to His people and the lessons we can draw from them. Greed Vs Ambition 14 “‘If you sell land to any of your own people or buy land from them, do[…]

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I don’t want that loan….

When Peter graduated from a leading private university, he was very excited. He knew that the sky was no limit for him. He quickly landed a job with a local bank as back office staff. During the orientation week, the bank manager came to address all the new staff members.[…]

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Who is a Quantity Surveyor?

“I am not a Land Surveyor, I am a Quantity Surveyor” Many times I have found myself responding to people’s question of who I am in such a manner. As a result I have come to learn that though Quantity Surveying is one of the oldest trade/profession in the construction[…]

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A snapshot of the new land laws in Kenya

Copied directly from Introduction The issue of land, its ownership, use and management is a highly emotive one in Kenya and was one of the key issues that drove the need for a new constitution. Following lengthy deliberations and a comprehensive public participation process, a new constitution (the “Constitution”) was[…]

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