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Every woman needs an Interior Designer.

The client offered to write a series of articles on her interaction with the consultants. This is the first part. 

The building process has been very exciting for us. We have literally seen the house ‘grow’ from just a bare piece of land. The shell is done, and we’re now doing the finishes. This is the most exciting part for any woman. Most of us don’t necessarily care much for the foundations and walls etc. etc. We mostly look forward to picking out colors for the house, picking tiles and various other finishes. We dream about that beautiful chandelier which will be a center piece in our living rooms, or the beautiful painting/ wall hanging we saw somewhere and loved, or that exquisite kitchen we have always wanted.

As exciting as this process can be, it is quite overwhelming. There’s simply too much to choose from. Over 1000 color options to choose from, so many tile color and designs, numerous beautiful wash hand basins etc. I knew to get a beautiful house with well-coordinated interiors, we needed an interior designer, and so we engaged Ms. Wamuyu (+254 738 147 314). She has been the best house warming gift that my husband has given me so far. I’m also sure he’s happy I don’t have to drag him to pick out the right shade of magenta or burgundy.

Ms. Wamuyu started by asking us a series of question, just to try and understand our specific requirements, our tastes and preferences. From there she then started her design work. She has done our furniture layout (yes, where the bed will be placed, the seats arrangement all that), designed our wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, bathroom layouts, gypsum design and details, window grills, staircase balustrades, electrical fittings placement, she has even designed our wall brackets. Then she has this really cool software that lets you see the 3-D model of how your interior space will look like. I’m very visual so this has really helped.

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She also helped me pick out tiles and floors for the whole house. I would pick a tile and she will say NO, because ‘that color will not blend well with the color of the wardrobes’ or because it will make the room appear dark or smaller. Then we went to pick out colors and I discovered there are very many shades of grey, and all look the same to me. We had to pick colors having in mind the color of the tiles and wardrobes. We literally carried sample pieces of the floor finish we’re using and the wardrobes just to have an actual feel of how everything looks like put together.

Ms. Wamuyu also accompanied us to pick out sanitary fittings. This we did taking into account the orientation and layout of the bathrooms. There’s a toilet I wanted, but she told me its drain is S-trap and we needed P-trap, (by the way you learn a lot in this process) because of how our plumbing had been done.

We have also greatly benefitted from her contacts who she has worked with over time. She has introduced us to wonderful artisans who have fabricated our doors, windows, grills, gate, staircase, light wall brackets etc.  we have enjoyed some good discounts through the relationship she has with these artisans.

Ms. Wamuyu is also keeping a keen eye on the workmanship of the works going on site as we do the finishes, also making sure that various fittings are well aligned and well positioned. She knows her client has major OCD, so everything has to be well positioned. She has definitely made my work very easy and stress free.

My only regret is that we engaged her a bit late, so some things we cannot change now, but rather we have found ways of working with them. It is important that the interior designer comes in during the initial stages of concept design with the Architect.

We have been blessed with a great team of consultants, we’ll write about our experience with them in the coming weeks.

Special thanks to the client for the article.

Kariùki Wawerù

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