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12 practical gifts you can give your friend who’s building.

The client offered to write a series of articles. This is the 2nd  part. 
Once in a while, we have a friend who’s constructing a house and he or she is close to you and you are wondering how you can chip in, here are some practical ways you can do that.
1. If he’s looking for a plot, accompany him to any of the ones he’s shortlisted and give an objective opinion. Basic advice is on issues of drainage, soil type, security, accessibility, capital appreciation etc.
2. If he’s not began construction and you have some expertise in construction, sit down with him and brainstorm on the house design and requirements.
3. If you have a friend who is a professional e.g. An architect, Quantity Surveyor, Engineer, interior designer, landscape architect etc call them up and introduce your friend to them and ask for a “friends and family rate” or Christmas offer on their services.
4. If you are a lawyer you can advice on legal implications of the various contracts and help in drafting the many letters that need to be written.
5. If you belong to the same Sacco and he is trustworthy, guarantee his loan.
6. Offer to visit the construction site and give objective feedback… if something need to be changed or corrected, point it out in good time.. don’t wait till the house is complete then you start saying you wish you said something because the house then looks like a prison with pigeon holes for windows
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7. If you own a pickup or Noah or even a lorry, offer it to him to carry tiles or toilets or whatever can fit in there. These things are not bought every day… it’s probably 3 or 4 times in the course of the construction.
8. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you can buy them some items e.g. Energy saver Bulbs Kshs 500, Wash hand basin Kshs 700, Flower pot Kshs 1,000, instant shower Kshs 3,000, security light Kshs 4,000, toilet full set Kshs 10,000, gate Ksh 100,000.. kitchen Ksh 400,000 etc. Don’t wait for house warming party to bring him a painting that they might never hang.
9. Pay an interior designer for a day to accompany him to pick out tiles or colors … Wamuyu (+254 738 147 314) will charge you like Kshs 5,000 for the day and your pals house will look coordinated and the colors will “talk to each other”…. or pay a landscape architect to advise him on which flowers to plant in the compound. You don’t want him to plant trees whose roots will start cracking the foundation of the house.
10. Buy him fish at “Migingo ” or his favorite drink and allow him to talk about the stress and the joys of that process.
11. Donate a goat or a Tajicakes for the housewarming party.
12. Last but not least, Pray for him that the project will go well.
Special thanks to the client for the article.


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