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Property laws


This is not a new tax being introduced by the finance bill 2012 The Income Tax CHAPTER 470 of the laws of Kenya has always given KRA the powers to Tax Rent Income just like any other Income. The following is an extract from the said Act. “Section 3 (1)[…]

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A snapshot of the new land laws in Kenya

Copied directly from Introduction The issue of land, its ownership, use and management is a highly emotive one in Kenya and was one of the key issues that drove the need for a new constitution. Following lengthy deliberations and a comprehensive public participation process, a new constitution (the “Constitution”) was[…]

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Legal sharing of the property of a deceased

Inheritance in Kenya is guided by the Law of Succession Act Cap 160 of the Laws of Kenya. Under this Act, a person may either die testate or intestate. A person dies testate when he has made a valid will on how his property should be distributed on his death.[…]

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Procedure for Land Subdivision in Kenya

Subdivision is the act of dividing land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop. This requires control for the following reasons. To ensure that each subplot has adequate access roads, open spaces and social infrastructure. To ensure that the proposed population density can be served by the available services. To[…]

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Highlights of The Matrimonial Property Act, 2013

        DEFINITIONS (Section 2)              1.1       “contribution” means monetary and non-monetary contribution including- domestic work and management of the matrimonial home; child care companionship management of family business or property; (See definition below) farm work;             1.2       “family business” means a business run for the benefit of the family and which generates income[…]

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