What are your Real Estate needs?

Retirement planning

Lease- build-operate-transfer.

You don't need to own land to become a landlord, let me show you how using a case study. DescriptionWorkingsPlot size50 x 100 or 0.045 ha or 450 sq metersType of houseBedsitters / studio apartmentsNo of levelsOne floorSize of each unit17 sq meters or 193 sq ftCirculation / open space30% of plot size (approximate) 450*0.3 =135 sq metersArea available to build450-135 = 315 sq metersNo. of units that can...

How to finance your retirement plans.

In part 1 of this series we talked about living your dream during retirement. We also said that you shouldn’t finance this dream using your pension. Click here to read the article. Let’s see how to finance this dream. A wise kikuyu man once said that when you have a need, you take hold of your own goat and either slaughter it or sell it. We are assuming that you are a rational investor in real...

Retirement planning. Part 1- Home ownership

"Sometimes people don't really know how to assess their future needs"Charlotte Dougherty. Certified financial planner. Have you been thinking, either actively or passively, about retirement? Would you like a few real estate suggestions to be better prepared for the next phase? Retirement is the “last phase” of your life.Valuer Kariùki, MRICS Follow your dreams Do you dream of...

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