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Electrical Hazards

Electrical system failures and the misuse of electrical equipment are leading causes of workplace fires. Fires can result from loose ground connections, wiring with frayed insulation, or overloaded fuses, circuits, motors, or outlets.

To prevent electrical fires, the occupants should:

  1. Make sure that worn wires are replaced.
  2. Use only appropriately rated fuses.
  3. Never use extension cords as substitutes for wiring improvements.
  4. Check wiring in hazardous locations where the risk of fire is especially high.
  5. Check electrical equipment to ensure that it is either properly grounded or double insulated.
  6. Ensure adequate spacing while performing maintenance.

Portable Heaters

  1. Portable electric heaters should have tip-over protection that automatically shuts off the unit when it is tipped over.
  2. There should be adequate clearance between the heater and combustible furnishings or other materials at all times.


Adopted from the OSHAcademy training manual.

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