What are your Real Estate needs?


Retirement planning. Part 1- Home ownership

"Sometimes people don't really know how to assess their future needs"Charlotte Dougherty. Certified financial planner. Have you been thinking, either actively or passively, about retirement? Would you like a few real estate suggestions to be better prepared for the next phase? Retirement is the “last phase” of your life.Valuer Kariùki, MRICS Follow your dreams Do you dream of...

How to get the best deals when buying a plot or building a house. (Part 1). Buying a plot.

This series on #howtogetthebestdeals will have several parts. I will aspire to be as comprehensive as possible to give you value for your time. I truly appreciate that you keep reading and sharing these articles. I also appreciate our blog sponsors Tajicakes and our newest sponsors  White Guava Event Planners  and Kilele Coffee Co. We begin by discussing how to get the best deal when buying a...

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