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Investing in real estate for Kenyans in the diaspora part 1

I have lived and worked in Botswana. I have been in your shoes and I know where it pinches. Investing in Real Estate is not easy for anyone. It’s not like buying shares or Government bonds. Investing when away can pose an additional challenge. Experiencing the product Before you buy a shoe or a shirt, the normal thing is to try them on to see if they fit. Buying real estate is not any...

Is the Kenyan real estate market correcting itself?

Recently a friend told me about some affordable plots in the greater Ruiru area, about 1km from Thika superhighway and near Ruiru Sports club. What caught my attention is the price of the plots at Kshs 800,000 per plot. These are about 9,000 plots in a gated estate that have been released into the market in the recent past. The estate has some "beach plots" I have also learned about more residential...

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