What are your Real Estate needs?


Retirement planning. Part 1- Home ownership

"Sometimes people don't really know how to assess their future needs"Charlotte Dougherty. Certified financial planner. Have you been thinking, either actively or passively, about retirement? Would you like a few real estate suggestions to be better prepared for the next phase? Retirement is the “last phase” of your life.Valuer Kariùki, MRICS Follow your dreams Do you dream of...

Should a new husband move into his wife’s house?

I asked this question on Facebook and it elicited a lot of reactions. In case you haven’t seen the question, here it is; If you are a single woman and you buy or build a house, then you get married, would you allow your new husband to move into your house? Why or why not? After a very successful debate, I feel like “addressing the nation” in my capacity as a valuer and real estate...

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