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The road to owning a house…. the elusive title

10/8/2016. John finds an advert on OLX about plots in a gated
community. He gets the brokers number and starts chatting him up. He’s
told that the plots are 1km from the Thika super highway in Ruiru. He
dismisses the plots as being too far.
19/8/2016. It’s a Friday and John finds himself in Thika on a work
assignment. John decides to call up the broker to meet up in Ruiru. He
visits the site and is very “Jazzed” with what he finds. When he gets
home, he explains to his wife about the plots.
21/8/16. Sunday after church, John takes Mary to see the plots. They
identify their preferred plot and they say a prayer while on site.
22/8/16. Monday: John calls the broker and asks for a copy of title to begin
due diligence. He calls the broker every day after that trying to get a
copy of title to no success.
27/8/16. Saturday: John goes with Mary to meet the broker. The broker explains that the plot titles are not yet out and he needs more time. John and Mary decide to pick another plot. They agree that a copy of title will be sent in the coming week.

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