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The road to owning a house. Week 12 & 13 – Roofing

Week 12 & 13 .  Sept 17th – September 30th  2017

The trusses treated with a pesticide to protect it against pests

The complete roof

This is in preparation for a flat roof on top of the Servant Quarters to act as a terrace.


This week the client will start working on the finishes with the help of the Interior designer Ms. Wamuyu of https://www.wamuyutira.com/

Special thanks to the client for allowing us to take the photos and granting us access every week.

Kariùki Wawerù

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6 thoughts on “The road to owning a house. Week 12 & 13 – Roofing”

  • Maya

    Just the other day You started and now you are roofing . The journey to owning a house is beautiful . Keep up !

    • kariukiwaweru

      Indeed, it is beautiful.

  • SN

    Very good insights. Continue with the good work bwana Kariuki.

    • kariukiwaweru


  • Nyawira

    waoh….great job Kariuki

    • kariukiwaweru


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