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Reduce construction cost by 30 %

With skyrocketing prices of building materials, especially sand, cement, iron sheets, bricks and stones, developers are trying to look for the alternative materials to reduce the cost of construction. One such approach is the use of interlocking bricks. Interlocking blocks are slowly gaining acceptance, with sector players saying they bring[…]

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How to “terror proof ” a shopping mall

21st September 2013 will be remembered by many as a day when one of the finest shopping malls in Kenya was hit by terrorists killing many and injuring hundreds. As a real estate consultant, i ask myself this question, “ How can a property manager “terror proof” a shopping mall?” Lesson[…]

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Fire prevention through Good Housekeeping

In the past few years, Nairobi has experienced many fires especially in commercial properties. The worst was the “Nakumatt Downtown” fire where many people died and many more were injured. There have also been several other fires that have just destroyed properties, sparing precious lives. The latest one is the[…]

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Electrical Hazards

Electrical system failures and the misuse of electrical equipment are leading causes of workplace fires. Fires can result from loose ground connections, wiring with frayed insulation, or overloaded fuses, circuits, motors, or outlets. To prevent electrical fires, the occupants should: Make sure that worn wires are replaced. Use only appropriately[…]

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Emergency Exit

Basic Requirements An exit route must be permanent. Each exit route must be a permanent part of the workplace. An exit must be separated by fire resistant materials. Construction materials used to separate an exit from other parts of the workplace must have a one-hour fire resistance-rating if the exit[…]

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Cost and time implications of building using EPS technology in Kenya

Urban population in Kenya is rapidly growing posing a major challenge in housing that has seen majority of urban inhabitants reside in informal settlement commonly known as slums. With a deficit of 250,000 thousand housing units per annum, a new building technology in Kenya known as Expanded Polystyrene Panel EPS technology is[…]

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Should i take a mortgage or not?

Side A Assume: A fixed interest rate of 14% PA for 20 years. 3 bedroom flat in Kikuyu, Pangani, Mombasa Road or Thika road.Price 6 Million Deposit 20% of 6Million = 1,200,000 Mortgage of:4,800,000 Total Monthly Payments:59,689 Total Repayment: (59,689 * 12 months per year * 20 years) = 14,325,360[…]

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