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Cost and time implications of building using EPS technology in Kenya

Urban population in Kenya is rapidly growing posing a major challenge in housing that has seen majority of urban inhabitants reside in informal settlement commonly known as slums. With a deficit of 250,000 thousand housing units per annum, a new building technology in Kenya known as Expanded Polystyrene Panel EPS technology is expected to turn around construction industry.

The technology that uses cheaper materials compared to conventional stones and yet strong enough to withstand bullet and grenade attacks, is no doubt good news to both individual and real estate investors. { Kenya Broadcasting Corporation}

From the interview, it is revealed the size of the panel is 1.5 Metres by 3.0 Metres and costs Kshs. 5,000.00 at the Factory.

This translates to a cost of Kshs. 1,111.11 per Square Metre + Transport Costs + Cost of Concrete Plasterwork.

Substitute for Building Stones

“The panels act as a substitute for building stones and timber, guaranteeing better quality finished products that have thermal insulation and are environmentally friendly,” Mr Njuguna said.

It is estimated that a two bed-room unit built with the technology would cost Sh700,000 before finishing, about half of the cost when using bricks and timber. National Treasury Secretary Henry Rotich allocated National Housing Corporation Sh1.2 billion for the construction of more than 2,000 housing units. The National Housing Corporation plans to construct at least 50 houses in each county, starting with police quarters, in the coming financial year.{ Business Daily}


Comparison of prices

For Comparison purposes, the indicative cost of other related walling materials for a typical 200mm Thick Wall is as follows:

  1. Natural Quarry Stone – Kshs. 1,550.00 per square metre
  2. Machine dressed “Ruiru” stone – Kshs. 1,900.00 per square metre
  3. Solid Concrete Block Walling – Kshs.  2,400.00 per square metre
  4. Brickwork – Kshs. 1,600.00 per square metre
  5. Partition (Stramit plain board) {50mm Thick)- Kshs. 2,400 per square metre
  6. Stramit board veneered with Mahogany – Kshs. 6,000 per square metre
  7. Stabilized Soil Blocks (SSBs) – Kshs. 1,100 per Square Metre
  8. Hollow Pre-Cast Blocks (200mm Thick) – Kshs. 950 per square metre

In making a decision on what material one has to use, consider transport costs, finishes and labour to be engaged.

As a general rule, any composite walling material like Gypsum boards (Internal partitions) or the EPS Technology, takes less time to erect hence leading to additional cost savings on labour and time.

Story source: http://ujenzibora.com



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  • joshua

    How much will it cost me to build a standard 3 bedroom house .And the amount also includes labour work?

    • kariukiwaweru

      You would need a Quantity Surveyour to answer that question comprehensively. I can refer one if you wish.

      • Wilfred Osumo

        Thanks Kariuki. Can you kindly provide me with a telephone no/contact of a quantity Surveyor to discuss with on my project. My phone no is 0712371180

    • David

      conventional 3 bedroom bungalow assuming you have already purchased the land, this would cost about 3.75M to finish the shell in Nairobi and its environs. However, the cost escalate because of transport and logistics cost if far from Nairobi. if you are thinking Maisonnate then the cost for the same house reduces by 15%

  • Wycliffe Ndalo

    Kariuki, thanks for the good information
    Now, would you kindly connect me to a quantity surveyor to do for me a quotation of a four bedroomed manssionete

  • Nicholas Nkoroi

    Hello,i have read you responses and i would like to know if you do the construction of house with eps,you can reachme on nicholasnkoroi@yahoo.com

    • Denis

      If u need expert to deal with eps structures, call or watsup 0716173799

  • Nicholas Nkoroi

    Hello,i have read you responses and i would like to know if you do the construction of house with eps,you can reach me on nicholasnkoroi@yahoo.com

    • kariukiwaweru

      Unfortunately i don’t.

  • CPA Daniel Muguko

    We, http://www.katehappyvalleyventures.com do construction using EPS technology. Call us 0722281679

  • Julius Serem

    I am interested in this new technology,what’s the total cost of a two rooms

  • Jimmy

    Hi i have worked in an eps factory in uae, and know the numerous applications for eps board. I have been looking for someone to partner with n start a factory here in kenya. Wud appreciate ur advice

    • Samuel Maina

      Hi, Please drop me an email gicharusm@resyght.co.ke
      or call +254710319566

    • John Lukoye

      Jimmy how much will it cost me to purchase 1000pieces of EPs from uae??inclusive of import levies

    • George

      Hi Jimmy, did you start your factory making EPS?

      You can contact me on jojkiham@gmail.com

    • Christopher Simukulwa

      Interested,how much can machine cost in USD,I’m in Zambia and ready.

    • Azzu

      Hi Jimmy, Please get in touch with me at info@bi-tech.sn


      how far have you gone with the EPS project…..
      where are you based in Kenya am in Kiambu

    • elijah

      Hello Jimmy would you mind to contact me on 0727106187, we discuss more about the eps

  • Patrick Muchai

    I would like to know more about your subsidised rates and the kind of partnership that need

  • langat Geoffrey

    I’m in need what are the requirements I need in a standby

  • Christopher Simukulwa

    Looking for company to build factory in Zambia in partnership,we’ve godfathers for mass housing units for medium n high costs houses supported by our government.any interested please get in touch.
    Watsapp +260955765823/+270977765823.

  • Samuel kinyanjui ndungu

    How many panels size1.5 metres by3.0 metres to build a small house 20 by 14. Also iwould like to know the cost of the panels which ican use please.

  • Cate

    Would like some advice on same

    • Denis Aminga

      Call 0716173799

  • Liz

    Hi,,,,,,,can recycled polystrene be used in construction of the panels?

    • kariukiwaweru

      Unfortunately, i’m not an expert in that area.

  • Antony kathiari

    Out of the 8 walling material which one could you recommend to along lasting family home in expensive soil in ruai area

    • kariukiwaweru

      Consult a structural engineer for the most accurate answer

  • erick omondi

    Hi i have measurement for the house
    Square feet details
    Ground floor : 1309 sq.ft.
    First floor : 790 sq.ft.
    Total area : 2099 sq.ft.
    Bedrooms : 4
    Bathrooms attached : 4
    Design style : Dormer window house

  • maureen karanja

    Kindly give information on cost of a three bedroom house.. Via my email

  • kevin otieno

    would like to know more on eps technology

    • Denis Aminga

      Am a fundi,done some projects using eps polsterine,u can contact me through watsup or call 0716173799

  • Kamaludin

    Hi my name is kamaludin am from isiolo I wold love to know estimated cost of building 4 bedroom 2 bathroom with kitchen and a living room area will cost how much reply fast please my email hajigoal321@gmail.com

  • Bernard Wanjala

    Hi, I am in Trans Nzoia County.
    How much does it cost to build a one bedroom house?

  • Collins

    Hi all, im a Qs. If you need any quotations or consultations concerning the costs that will go into your building feel free to email me on githinjicollins1@gmail.com or WhatsApp on +254 729 304 190

  • Kelvin Kalunge

    Hello been following up the eps technology and am intrested can you help out with a quatation of a 3 bedroom house thanks …kelvinbundi6@gmail.com thts my email thank you again

  • adam shisia

    I need to know the cost of a 3 bedroom house in Kitale

  • Paul

    I understand that EPS homes are beam and column structures. However, how does this technology stack up against traditional brick & mortar when it comes to DURABILITY? Will an EPS home last as long as a stone house?

  • Peter Njagi

    I have an incoming project for commercial shops. 5 shops per floor going 4 stores up including the ground elevation. I have concluded in using EPS technology in this. Kindly contact me.

    • Denis Aminga

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  • Denis

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  • Samwel Guya

    I want to construct a two bed roomed house using this material. Please give me way forward.

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