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To buy a car or land?

First published on June 15, 2011 To buy a car or land? Budget: Kshs. 1 000 000 Car: cost of purchase + Insurance +  Registration + other charges = 1 000 000 Net annual income( assume a car rental deal with a car hire company) INCOME                                                                   DEPRECIATION Year 1                                                                        […]

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Ways in which to achieve affordable housing in Kenya

Affordable housing in Kenya is a reality This surprises even me, for I have often thought that owning a house is for the “other” class. Truth is, with a little homework, you too will discover that affordable housing in Kenya is real and within reach. Use of eco-blocks This technology[…]

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Advantages of buying a ready built house

You as the potential buyer are able to explore a range of options before settling on your house. Shopping around allows you to see the different designs, quality of finishing and so on before settling on a house to buy. You also don’t have the challenges encountered in getting approvals[…]

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Building Green Homes

In this day and age, building green homes should be the only way to build our homes. This involves taking advantage of sustainable design to using green materials and even fixtures. As you embark on building your home consider the following: A few considerations in building green homes Size matters[…]

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