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Another way your land can be “stolen”

There is this tycoon that had bought land along Kangundo road. The reason I call him a tycoon is because apart from the 5 acres that we are talking about, he had many other parcels of land scattered across the country. Let’s just say he was a typical Kikuyu man who had accumulated a lot of “wealth”. Let’s call him Mr Gitonga.
Just like all of us, once you have bought a parcel of land and fenced it, you go ahead to conquer other territories. Mr Gitonga put a masonry wall on the land’s perimeter. After several years of being absent from the land, he decided to visit his land. What he found shocked him. The masonry wall was missing and the entire land was subdivided into 1/8 acre plots and it had been sold to unsuspecting investors. What Mr Gitonga had done is a good measure to protect his land from “thieves”. Just putting a fence is a deterrent for cowardly thieves.
The fence is therefore not full proof as the same person who has elected the fence for you today will come and uproot it tomorrow and your land will be left bare. If you can, dig a pit latrine but don’t finish it completely with a door and iron sheets unless you have a care taker on sight. The reason I recommend that it remains incomplete is because the iron sheets and door will be stolen. The other option would be doing reinforced concrete pillars on the beacon points of your plot. The normal beacons are easy to remove and harder to spot even from far.
You can also put a “NOT FOR SALE” sign with your contacts on it.
A joke is told of a notice put on a parcel of land that said, “TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT AND SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN”. In our case, we can put a notice that says, “Trespassers will be prosecuted”.
I have a friend of mine who is a pilot, but just because he tells me stories of how he flies doesn’t mean that I can. In the same way, just because your friends have bought a plot “successfully” don’t go into this investment blindly.

Kariuki Waweru

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