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#MrsW’shouse – Week 7


blue gum poles

3*2 timber

5*6 timber

10 sheets marine boards

6*1 timber

75kgs 3″ nails

300 metal trappers

In week 7 the contractor started preparing for the slab- to be done in week 8 they started by placing the 3*2 poles on the shortest side of the room. They added the poles as a support structure.  For sides that would require minimal plaster, we placed marine boards e.g. below the staircase, on the chimney as well as in some of the open beams or columns.

Wedding planning by White Guava Event Planners, Cake by Tajicakes. Venue: Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club

For the rest of the areas, we dressed the beams and columns in the 6*1 timber.   once the woodwork was set to be the support structure, the fundis laid the trappers in readiness for the works that would be done in week 8

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Valuer Kariùki, MRICS

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