What are your Real Estate needs?


Why Unity One?

Have you heard of a project called Unity One? Unity One is an exclusive chic estate of contemporary one-bedroom apartments sitting on 11 acres at the heart of Tatu City, Kiambu. The cool balconies, glass railings and floor-to-ceiling double-leaf doors make most of the homes’ spectacular panoramic views to the park and the community’s expansive outdoor amenities which are close by. Each apartment...

What is the right price for a property?

A right/competitive price can be achieved when the developer gets funding using cheap money borrowed from the Government, pension funds, or foreign banks and extends the same discount to the buyers. Another cheap source of money is off-plan sales. If one developer gets a loan at say 4% and another at say 14% and they both want a 20% profit, then one developer will have to sell his property at a 24%...

Investing in real estate for Kenyans in the diaspora part 1

I have lived and worked in Botswana. I have been in your shoes and I know where it pinches. Investing in Real Estate is not easy for anyone. It’s not like buying shares or Government bonds. Investing when away can pose an additional challenge. Experiencing the product Before you buy a shoe or a shirt, the normal thing is to try them on to see if they fit. Buying real estate is not any...

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