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#tobuyornot Thika Greens Golf Estate

Five years ago, I worked in Thika as a valuer. I wanted to be acquainted to all the developments in this fast growing town. One day I decided visit Thika Greens. Then, the only buildings in the compound was the site office and 3 model houses. Then ¼ acre plot was going for Kshs 2 Million. I was very skeptical since at the same time, there were about another 5 golf estates coming up in the country.

I am informed that the first people to buy the plots were buying them for 700,000 when the project began.

Today the plots are going for Kshs 3.5 Million in phase 3 and the price might go up this coming year. In phase 1 that’s all sold out, the price should be about 5 million for ½ acre, if at all you will find someone willing to sell.

Last month, I went to value a plot within Thika Greens. The gate looked the same but as I drove to the site office, i was happy to see a cabro paved drive way and some houses already built and inhabited.

The golf course is still not open but the people who bought into the estate are already enjoying a safe serene place to live.

Living in Thika greens is like living in Karen at a 10th of the price.

I was thoroughly impressed.


  Factor Comment
  Location Excellent. 5 minutes drive from Thika town.

40 minutes drive to Nairobi

  Amenities Excellent. Will be a fully fledged golf estate with state of the art amenities in a few years
  Sustainability Expensive. You have to pay for the high life you are buying into. Service charge is rumored to be quite high in the golf estate.
  Title documents For Phase 3 that I valued, the individual titles are not out but the banks are lending against the plots either way.
  Weather Cool. This is a coffee growing zone.
  Politics Its in Muranga county. His Excellency the Governor, Mwangi Wa Iria, is pro development.
  Capital appreciation 700% in about 7 years. Very good.
  Future prospects Very good. I project another 700% appreciation in the next 7 years.
  To buy or not to buy TO BUY!


Kariùki Wawerù

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