What are your Real Estate needs?

Want to invest Kshs 2 Billion?

Are you looking to invest Kshs 2 Billion?

This is how.

There is an almost 200 acre parcel of land for sale in Limuru, in my opinion, this land has an unprecedented potential.

When i saw this land advertised, I thought to myself, “who would be most suitable to benefit from this great opportunity?”

My first guess is a bank or an insurance company.

I estimate the value of the land to be approximately Kshs 2 billion. Limuru is a very green area only 30 km to the west of Nairobi.

If I was the CEO of a major bank or insurance company, I would buy the land and build a headquarters on the land where all back office operations would be done.

I would also build housing estates with different house designs for the various income groups. The residential section would also include gymns, saunas, a golf course, club house, solar heated pools, jogging tracks, horse riding tracks, football pitches etc.

I would get a Chinese to do the construction then sell the houses to the staff and the general public and expand the bank’s loan book.

I would then lease out some land to universities, hospitals, schools, shopping malls etc to build and pay rent to my bank for the term of the lease while still retaining the ownership of the land.

I would reserve like 20 acres as a forest, nature trail and jogging track. This would also serve as a land bank in case there is need to expand.

I would offer an excellent working environment which is healthy and affordable. The staff would be walking to the office, walking home for lunch and in the evening walking to pick the kids from school. The staff would be happy and loyal and since they would be having mortgages on the houses, the staff turnover would be low.

There is already an annual deficit of 35,000 residential housing units in Kenya every year. Sale of the housing units will not be a challenge.

That is how i would invest Kshs 2 billion..

Kariùki Wawerù

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