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“Dress up” for your bank

Do you know why at times you fail to get that loan to develop your property?
Maybe as an institution or individual you are not well dressed to meet the financier.
Look, if your bank has 7 million account holders or 40 million across Africa, it might not be practical to give personalized attention to all these account holders. Some investors have very brilliant ideas but they are not well dressed.
What is dressing? This is creating a Bankable Business Plan. This is not your normal business plan. It’s what will “defeat” the bank to give you the much needed credit. Assume that I come to you and I want to borrow Kshs 100,000 from your savings. We meet every so often in social gatherings but we really don’t know each other. Your disposition will be not to lend me. Am sure you will ask yourself why I came to you instead of going to my close friends or relatives…..why I won’t borrow from M-swari or other places.
This is the same with the bank. Believe it or not, to the bank or any financier, you are a risk. They look at you from the point where they know you will fail to pay…then you convince them otherwise. What you need before you book an appointment with the credit manager is to dress up. We will make you look like an investment to the bank, not a risk. In fact, we shall talk to the bank / financier on your behalf and you only come in when the bank is excited about meeting you.
Have you heard about these 4 guys who are went to 14 banks looking for financing….then they succeeded on the 15th….imagine all that rejection. We will dress you up so the banks will be fighting to finance your project.

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Kariuki Waweru

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