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My new year resolutions

First published on January 2, 2013

In the last quarter of 2012, I attended very many weddings. This year, I will change my eating habits when I go for weddings. I only eat rice and beef but still end up with food poisoning .This year, I will strongly purpose to only take soda when I go for weddings. This way, am sure I will not get food poisoning.

I have four other resolutions. Let me list them down:

  1. When the fuel gauge on the car reads “E”, I will not assume that means Enough but that it actually means Empty and I need to refuel.
  2. I will listen to my wife. Anyway, what’s the purpose of having a helper and you never pay attention to what she says? There is this saying that if you want to know that a man is about to say a wise thing, he starts like this, “My wife tells me….”
  3. I will only invest where I understand. My pastor once said, “Money is everywhere”. With this piece of advice, am sure I will not run into ever other investment since my friends are headed in that direction. For this reason, I propose that you read my book, The ABC of REAL estate Investment in Kenya, to understand how to invest in real estate in Kenya, book me for an hour of real estate consultancy, go for homes expo’s, read property magazines etc.
  4. My wife tells me that cheap is expensive. I am a land ECONOMIST, my disposition is to economize on everything. This New Year, I will not buy something because it’s cheap but I will go for quality. Maybe you also need to invest in quality land, not having 10 plots that are not helping you. Land is a factor of production. What is your land producing?

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Kariuki Waweru

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