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Man to Man, A REAL Conversation

A few weeks ago, I learned of a young man (let’s call him Peter) who had lost his job because their organization had shut down it’s operations and sent everyone home due to COVID 19. I can imagine the confusion and pain of not being able to provide for his wife and 2 young kids. I’m sure this is the unfortunate situation in many organizations.

I’m writing to John and other young men like him. Consider me your elder brother for the next 3 minutes.

Let me start by telling you a bit about my story. I lost several jobs in my earlier years of working as a valuer. That was slightly before I got married, when I got married and even when we got our first born son. The “why” of losing the jobs is not important at this time. At one time a friend told me that a company was hiring a valuer and I didn’t care how much they were paying, I needed a job. Bills had to be paid. I took the job.

I learned a few lessons from that tough period that lasted about 4 years. I will list them down, not in any particular order;

  1. It matters who you marry.
  2. Pay for NHIF and be up to date.
  3. Be the best in your field/ trade. Do those certifications, finish that course, learn a new way of doing things.
  4. Think and read about the future. Where do you see yourself and your significant others in the next 5 years? What do you need to do today? What sacrifices do you need to make today? Will your career or trade be replaced by a machine?
  5. How do you define success? If your definition of success is only in things that money can buy then you need to re-evaluate yourself.
  6. Take care of your wife and kids (both known and unknown). When the world is falling apart, they will hold you up and give you a reason to live.
  7. Finally, shelter your family. I have written so much on this topic. You can purchase my latest book, “How to invest in Real estate in Kenya” and read all about it. Recently, I wrote an article about some great apartments that my friend James* bought and that you should consider buying. Read about them here
The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. —Mark Twain, 1895 A.D.
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I was told of a saying that is used when training police officers, “Ukiona mlima usiulize mteremko na ukiona mteremko usiulize mlima”. 

This Covid 19 is a season and it shall surely pass.


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