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This is not a new tax being introduced by the finance bill 2012 The Income Tax CHAPTER 470 of the laws of Kenya has always given KRA the powers to Tax Rent Income just like any other Income. The following is an extract from the said Act. “Section 3 (1)[…]

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Another way your land can be “stolen”

There is this tycoon that had bought land along Kangundo road. The reason I call him a tycoon is because apart from the 5 acres that we are talking about, he had many other parcels of land scattered across the country. Let’s just say he was a typical Kikuyu man[…]

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This is how land is “stolen”.

Two weeks ago, a guy came to our office. He looked like he is in his late 20s and asked the receptionist how much it would cost to do a valuation and to do a search separately. This was strange since a search is normally part of valuation so we[…]

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When the deal is too good.

The other day, my friend called me. He sounded very excited. After a minute of catching up, he told me that he needed my opinion. He had finally found land that he could afford. He told me that he had found some land in a County not far from Nairobi[…]

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Beware of false advertisements.

This morning in a local fm station, the presenter talked about a certain “investment of a lifetime”. Am not really a fun of listening to him but due to unavoidable circumstances, am compelled to listen in as I go to work. This is not the first time he has used[…]

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Those plots are NOT helping you!

Have you ever wondered why the bank will not give you money to develop your plot? Simple, why should it? There are another say 5000 others in the same bank all looking for Kshs 1 million to borrow to start developing their 1/8 acre plot. The private financiers are also[…]

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