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The road to owning a house… Meeting the architect

31/8/2016. John walks into the bank with what he thinks are all the necessary documents. The banker asks him, “Where are the drawings and bill of quantities”? John asks for two weeks to get the said documents. He immediately calls Mary, his wife, and updates her of the requirements. He also calls his friend who’s a quantity surveyor and he’s referred to a competent and pocket friendly architect. He calls the architect and they agree to have coffee that evening. Mary also comes for the coffee and brings many photos of different houses which if combined will form her dream house. The initial meeting is very productive and John pays a small deposit for the architect to begin his work and they agree on the timelines.
John, Mary and the Architect hold their 2nd meeting. They critic the initial drawings and pay another installment. They agree to meet again on 8/9/2016. In the next meeting, the architect needs to have effected the changes agreed upon without increasing the size of the house and have drawings that the quantity surveyor and structural engineer can work with.
John and Mary hold a “kitchen cabinet” meeting at home and agree to try the new unconventional construction materials like EPS panels and use of wall papers on the wall instead of paint. They write to the architect asking for advice on the two matters.

Kariùki Wawerù

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